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Flavored Tobacco Ban

This form will send an email to 21 coucilmembers and officials. Please voice your opinion and be heard.

Some facts to share with your councilmember.

  • Retailers are not the primary source of tobacco to minors and the City already has a Tobacco License ordinance that provides necessary tools to regulate the sale of tobacco.
  • Since the state raised the age to purchase tobacco to 21, the percentage of retailers selling tobacco to persons under 21 dropped significantly from 10.3% before the law took effect to 5.7% after.
  • Banning flavored tobacco in the city of Los Angeles will drive consumers into the illicit market where no one cares if you are 21 years old, where the police are unable to conduct compliance checks.
  • Losing a tobacco sale also means losing the sale of gas or additional grocery items - milk, bread, snacks and more. Without the ability to sell flavored tobacco products to adults, overall store revenue will plummet.